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5 Tips To Maintain Your Driveway

You have a nicely installed driveway that complements the overall appearance of your house property. However, you must take good care of the place or else it may start to show signs of wear and tear. Maintain them properly and they will retain the shine and quality for a longer duration. With proper maintenance, your driveway will have an extended lifespan and can minimize the repairing costs.

Here are some essential tips to maintain your driveway

Minimize the deposition of water

Make a 2-3 inches strip precision around the driveway edges to sweep away the water and snow. It will prevent the chances of water penetrating the driveway surface. Another factor to keep in mind: make sure the downspouts don’t empty onto your driveway or else it can hamper its quality.

Protecting the edges is an absolute must

The driveway opposite to your house is not necessarily designed for regular truck traffic. The edges may fail to withstand the pressure of heavy trucks. They may start chipping when exposed to such heavy weight frequently. So, it is recommended to take proper precautionary measures to protect the edges of the driveway. Try not to part the vehicles on the edges. Park the cars and other vehicles at a safe distance away from the driveway edges.

Managing the cracks

It is common to witness cracks in the driveway. If they appear, never waste time to patch them. You can manage repairing the smaller cracks without expert help. Simply use a suitable chisel to remove the loose stuffs and then use a brush to sweep clean the debris and dirt. Once done, apply suitable crack filler along with the right type of patching compound. Once the compound dries, apply sealant to enhance the longevity of the driveway. If the cracks and potholes are bigger, you need to contact expert services of driveway repair in Los Angeles. The leveling of the driveway post repairing can be best carried out using expert help. The leveling is necessary since it prevents chances of accidents.

Try avoiding salt cement

It is better to avoid using salt cement. Rather than salting, it is better to use a shovel or a snow blower for removing the snow. To reduce the slipperiness of the surface, use kitty litter, coffee grounds, alfalfa, or sand. You can spray sugar beet juice for ice melting purpose.

Cleaning is mandatory

Make sure you clean the driveway regularly. The driveway will be exposed to dirt and debris as well as oil and other fluid spills. Unless you clean them properly, stains will start appearing. This will have a negative impact on your driveway appearance. For absorbing freshly spilled oil, you can use the non-clumping kitty litter. Then clean the area with a dishwashing fluid or detergent and warm water. However, if there are older stain marks, it is best to use biodegradable cleaners. When scrubbing, refrain from using wire brush.